"some machine's doin that for you"

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Perhaps you've heard a recent news story of how Google is financing research for a driverless car. They claim it is to "help prevent traffic accidents, free up people's time and reduce carbon emissions". Google CEO Eric Schmidt said "your car should drive itself. It just makes sense."
It just makes sense?
On what planet is it a good idea for computers/machines to take over control of our cars and create a generation of people who no longer know how to drive. Although, by the time this comes to pass, computers and technology will have already dumbed down our society where we no longer think for ourselves or lift a finger to do anything. I'm probably being a bit too pessimistic but I feel like something is going terribly wrong in this world. Since it's all happening relatively slowly, I think many people don't take notice. I tend to believe that technology is both the best thing and the worst thing to ever affect mankind. I pray that my negative predictions for the future are wrong................