"Another great one has left us"

Unless you pay no attention to the news (and there are many that don't), you probably heard about the death of actor Tom Bosley. Along with being a great actor, (most notably Howard Cunningham from Happy Days), by all accounts, he was a very nice man as well. His onscreen persona was that of a great dad who was easy going, had a good sense of humor and could talk to his kids in a way that they would actually listen. I was lucky enough to grow up with the Happy Days show in the 1970s and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, great family shows are sorely lacking now. Even reruns of great shows like Happy Days are rarely shown but that's another story. Anyway, with each passing year as we lose more and more decent individuals of good character, it saddens me and makes me say "another great one has left us." Goodbye Mr. Bosley.
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