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Hey everyone ! I am officially making this place my personal blog page and open to everyone. I call this STRIKE BACK MARKETING and If you wish to contribute; call me! You know the number ! I would first of all like to thank Ed for allowing me to contribute and take over this Blogger.com spot. I hope I can maintain this section as well as he has over the years.

Who Mourns for Galileo?

I created this video after researching online what happened to the very cool full scale mock-up of the Galileo Shuttlecraft built for the original TV series STAR TREK . Enjoy !

A Futile Fight

Unless you pay no attention to the news, you've heard about the loss of 30 American soldiers who were in a helicopter that took a lucky hit from a Taliban grenade launcher in Afghanistan. Aside from the sadness I feel about their loss, I also think about their families, especially those who have children, whose lives will be permanently altered by their absence. I also feel the deaths of these men were totally unnecessary as we shouldn't be wasting our resources fighting these primitive, barbaric people who will never give up their demented ideology no matter how long we stay there. The saddest part of all is that when our government finally decides to withdraw from the region, the country will again be taken over by whatever the strongest (most evil) faction happens to be, thereby all our American losses will have been in vain. The body count may not be as high as during the Vietnam war, but we are again letting our government fight an unwinnable conflict year after year after year. And don't get me started on all the money being wasted...........

TV Programmers just don't care!

I'm writing this brief commentary of Sunday August 7, 2011. Back in 1996 a new TV channel was launched, known as TV LAND. The new station featured a variety of television programming from the 1950s through the 1990s. Its inaugural season featured the Emmy-Award-winning I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, The Honeymooners and The Ed Sullivan Show. Great detectives were featured every Saturday, with programs including Honey West, Dog and Cat, Burke's Law, Nero Wolfe and Ace Crawford, Private Eye. "TV Land Goes West" presented Shane, Barbary Coast, Have Gun, Will Travel and Best of the West. "Hooterville Saturday" featured Petticoat Junction and Green Acres; and "Sunday in the Barracks" laughed with the military in The Phil Silvers Show and Hogan's Heroes. Many other classics were added giving adults and children a great place to enjoy the clean, family friendly programming that is lacking on television today. However, over time, the station began to abandon most of the classics and cater to the younger generations with shows like Third Rock from the Sun, Scrubs, Boston Legal, The Cougar, High School Reunion and disfunctional family shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and Roseanne. Today, a Sunday, when many kids are spending much of their time watching TV, the TV LAND lineup starting at 8AM has The Nanny for an hour then Happily Divorced until 11am then Hot in Cleveland ALL DAY until 8pm. All three shows rely mostly on sexual humor and innuendo. Sadly, this new generation will probably never experience the plethora of wonderful shows from the distant past.
If there is anyone out there that still doesn't realize why our culture continues to deteriorate, it's because our children are being fed only specific types of programming with total disregard to the long term effects on the future of society. By the way, TV LAND is owned by MTV Networks Entertainment Group. What does that tell you? We will all pay dearly because TV programmers just don't care.

Can our country be saved?

This video of Senator Bernie Sanders (of Vermont) on the floor of the Senate, is really good as he tries to convince his colleagues just how bad things have become and why, in an effort to steer them into doing what's right for America. Unfortunately, his honest, blunt and true words usually fall on deaf ears. If all our elected officials had the empathy of someone like Bernie Sanders, our country would be thriving by leaps and bounds.

Talented? Yes - Honorable? No way!

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Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard about the rants of actor Charlie Sheen because the media is spending quite a bit of time on this person. He's become more famous for his pathetic behavior than anything else he's done in his life. I have difficulty feeling sorry for him as he was born into an affluent family and had every opportunity to make much better choices. Not only did he choose a playboy lifestyle, he has a history of violence towards women and the drugs and alcohol have definitely taken their toll on him. The only positive thing I can see for spending so much media time on Mr. Sheen is to show everyone how NOT to live one's life.