Was Iraq a waste of time, money and lives?

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President Obama is claiming firmly and finally the ending of U.S. combat missions in Iraq.
Okay, sounds good but what does that mean for Iraq? Since there is still no established government or strong enough army/police force, violence is on the increase and I'm sure plans are afoot by a variety of factions hoping to take power when the opportunity arises. America still has tens of thousands of military personnel in the country taking their chances as they try to continue to establish order in this "wild west" location. All I can say is "good luck". I believe the invasion of Iraq had nothing at all to do with protecting "our freedom" so my deepest sympathies go out to all the soldiers who were killed, maimed or emotionally disturbed by their experience and to all the innocent civilian Iraqis who suffered or died and will continue to, as our goals to change the ways of this primitive, often barbaric country are never realized. And don't even get me started on all the money spent that we could have used right here in America.