The worst day on Earth

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Recently, I posted about the possibility of extending ones life with some sort of new drug. So I decided to touch on another possibility that would render any such life extension irrelevant. There are very few things that man or nature can do to extinguish all life on earth but there is one we know for sure: a giant asteroid from space will impact our planet. We now know that it has happened here before and can and will happen again, eventually. After all, there are millions of these "rocks" floating around in space. Inevitably, one will cross paths with the earth, but will it be five years from now, fifty years from now, maybe a thousand years from now? No one knows, although NASA is at least trying to find and monitor any asteroids in our solar system that could potentially be a threat.The good news is, anything of substantial size, heading in our direction, will probably be spotted years before impact, giving us plenty of time to figure out how to divert it. That's assuming we continue on a course of advancing technology. So even though I'm not losing sleep over this doomsday event, I feel sad for the people in the future who might have to experience the worst day on earth. This video explains that day.