Would you drink from the Fountain of Youth?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Although I'm only in my 40's, I have started to occasionally think about the fact that I will eventually no longer exist on this earth. It's the most frightening and sad thought I ever have. I don't want to get into whether there is anything after death, but rather I want to briefly discuss the concept of immortality. To my knowledge, no one has ever found a fountain of youth that extended their life indefinitely, but what if you did? Would you really take that drink? The characters who are immortal in movies and books are usually unhappy and often feel loneliness, but imagine for a moment that scientists develop a drug that, when injected, somehow stops your aging process at whatever age you currently are. I believe that if we don't destroy ourselves with some other technology, we will eventually accomplish this. At what age would you want to take this drug? I know I wouldn't want to always be a teenager. Thirty-five or even forty seems like an ideal age to me. Although, that option would only be available to those who were that age or younger when the drug was actually invented. Also, if it became available thirty years from now and you were in your seventies or eighties, would you even bother to take it? By the way, this drug would probably not prevent you from possibly dying from an illness, accident, or crime; it simply stops the aging process so you would still be expected to take reasonably good care of yourself. Obviously, if most of us were no longer aging and dying, the planet's population might get out of control, and I must admit that the whole idea of a society filled with people who weren't getting older just seems wrong to me. So, what's so great about living forever anyway? Well, you would certainly bear witness to a great deal of historical events, but if you didn't have wealth, when would you ever reach retirement? Can you imagine having to go to work for centuries? I think that a single lifetime is not enough to experience everything this world has to offer. There can always be something new to see or do if you had unlimited time. However, if no such drug is ever created and one day I happen to discover the mystical Fountain of Youth during a trek through a forest or jungle, I would elect to just drink from my canteen, because even though I dread my mortality, I could not bear the heartache of watching my wife, children, family and friends, grow old and die while I continue to be forever young. I'd rather live a normal lifespan counting on there being an "afterlife" that included all my loved ones, than live with sadness forever because I was too afraid to find out for myself. Image and video hosting by TinyPic