Idol Worship

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but my wife and I watch American Idol. If you enjoy hearing new, talented, (or sometimes terrible) singers then I guess this is a harmless way of passing some time, but what I want to touch on here is how fanatical people get towards these singers and celebrities in general. At the end of each American Idol season, the final contestants go back to their respective home towns to meet some of their fans. Well actually, they meet thousands of their fans. It's unbelievable how many people show up to see someone who has done nothing more than sing on television for a few months. I realize idol/celebrity worship is nothing new, but it has always seemed a bit strange or wrong to me. I think admiration of this magnitude should have to be earned by doing great deeds along with living an honorable and respectable lifestyle. That's something that many celebrities, sports figures, and politicians do not do. Yet, they are still put on pedestals by so many. Too much idol worship can doom an entire civilization. We need to keep our priorities in order, and swooning over the American Idol should be way down the list. That's just my middle aged opinion.
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