The " King of Fitness" has passed away

I was totally surprised to hear that fitness guru Jack Lalanne had died on January 23th, 2011 from complications with pneumonia at his California home. He was 96 but his agent said he exercised right up until the end. I must admit that I don't recall ever seeing an episode of his long running (53-85) TV series but thanks to You Tube and his website I was able to learn about this extraordinary person. He knew and preached the right way for anyone to treat their body and was great at getting his point across. He wasn't just showing you some good exercises, he was rationally explaining why exercise and eating healthy foods was the key to health and vitality. The lessons he taught are still perfectly relevant today. He seemed like he was ahead of his time but it wasn't rocket science, it was very basic stuff. Eat right and exercise. The same things any healthy person or a doctor would tell you today. It's not magical, it's just logical.
Considering many others including Bob Hope and George Burns lived longer, I wonder if genetics plays a major role as I thought Jack would live way past 100. Most of us won't even make it to 96 but we should all try to stay as healthy as we possibly can so we can enjoy every day (as he did) until the very last day of our lives. That's just my middle aged opinion.
Thanks for the inspiration Jack. I won't forget you or your philosophies for living.............Farewell.