Number one super guy

Remember the 70's cartoon show Hong Kong Phooey? It was about a mild mannered janitor who worked at a police station and when necessary, would secretly change into the superhero known to all as Hong Kong Phooey. No one seem to notice that this janitor/superhero was a talking dog and his sidekick was actually a cat who usually was responsible for their success. This was a very sweet show that I have fond memories of and it's now available on DVD. You can find it along with so many other kids shows from the past at

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coupon guy said...

I used to watch this show alot when I was little :D ha he wasnt even that good at being a super hero I think there was like one where he got the job done himself but then again i was like 8 when this was airing

September 23, 2009 at 11:12 AM