Where are all the great old TV shows?

Does it seem like most of the classic television shows from the 50's thru the 80's are rarely broadcast anymore? The only reason we've all seen SEINFELD so many times is that it seems to be shown over and over every single day. The same goes for shows like FRIENDS and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. Where are shows like MAGNUM P.I., THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, GOMER PYLE or FATHER KNOWS BEST? There are so many great shows from the past that are sorely missed by older folks and completely unknown to younger people. It should be noted that one of the major differences between today's TV series and those from the past is that the older shows often promoted good values and behavior. That's something our children could benefit from since I believe that watching TV does influence their emotional growth. I recently discovered that most classic TV shows are now on DVD. So, I decided to create a website that lets anyone easily know what's available and where to get them. This website, called "Great Old TV Shows," took me many months to build (and that's working 12 hours a day). So, if you were wondering why this blog called Middle Age Meandering is promoting that site, now you know. If you want to revisit the shows you grew up with, this is the place to start. Find your favorite Great Old TV Shows and don't worry, SEINFELD will be on until the end of time.