I just want to hear my messages

If you were born after 1995, you probably don't remember the traditional "answering machine". It was a separate device aside from your telephone that would record incoming call messages. Originally the recordings were placed on a "reel to reel" tape. Then they evolved into using the cassette tape, then the mini cassette tape and finally a digital computer chip. When you came home, you would look at the little device next to your phone, and if someone had called, a light would be flashing. That would prompt you to press a single button on the machine, and you would immediately hear your new messages. That's it. Simple, quick, and efficient. The only time you might not get a message is if the answering machine was turned off or you had a power failure. Okay, it also wouldn't work if you never erased any of your old messages. Now we have what someone cleverly decided to call "voice mail" or "voice mail boxes". Essentially, the phone company is now the "answering machine". To get your messages you have to pick up your phone and listen for the special beep. Then, you dial the special number. Then, you enter your special code number. Then, you listen to a recording that tells you how many messages you received today. If you have old messages that will no longer be stored by the phone company, you must go thru them one by one before it will play your new messages. Have fun if you have many messages. If it's a message that you don't want to listen to in it's entirety, you have to press a sequence of numbers to speed through it and delete it. By the way, if you have precious or important messages that you want to keep for a long time or forever, you can't do that with voice mail. Only an aswering machine can save your message for as long as you want. My wife tells me that the advantage of voice mail is that you can get your messages when calling from anywhere. Well, most answering machines of the past had a feature that would allow you to do the same thing. Another great feature allowed you to listen as the message was being placed and pick up the phone if you wanted to take the call. All I want to do is walk in my house press the button and hear my new messages. I don't need the phone company recording my personal calls, forcing me to go through a button pushing ritual, and charging me money for the service as well. But that's just my middle aged opinion. Obviously this is irrelevant for those who only use cellular phones. Read my thoughts about cell phones, texting and "cell phone people".