Does it really matter?

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If you have been listening to entertainment news recently, you are probably aware that changes for Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien just didn't work out. Primarily because each were getting low ratings for their respective shows. Let me point out that the reason a show gets low ratings is because the writing on the show just isn't that good. Even someone like myself who thinks these two are nice guys, is not going to watch them tell bad jokes and do stupid skits night after night. Now it has been made public that Conan O'Brien will receive over 30 million dollars to satisfy the agreements of his contract in order for NBC to get rid of him and apparently put Jay Leno back on The Tonight Show. That's right folks, Conan is going to receive more than 30 million dollars to stop coming to work! My issue is not with his good fortune but with putting Jay Leno back on The Tonight Show. I remember almost twenty years ago when it was announced that Jay would be the new host, ousting David Letterman. I thought it was a wise choice since Jay seemed to have a more "mature" and cleaner sense of humor than Mr. Letterman and even though he wasn't Johnny Carson, he would carry on The Tonight Show in the manner in which Carson did. If Jay Leno brings his current writing staff with him back to The Tonight Show, he might as well just retire. As Conan has now proved, it's not the host of the Tonight Show that really matters. It's the material (jokes, skits, etc.) written and without good material, even Pee Wee Herman could handle the job. I just wish these two funny guys knew who to hire as writers and maybe both their shows could have been successfull.