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Does anyone remember a fairly recent commercial where a mother (a white mother) takes her daughter to a playground, and just after arriving, a friend of the daughter's (a black girl) shouts from nearby to come over and play with some friends (some black friends)? The mother quickly holds her back suggesting she play 'over there,' pointing to a group of white children. The daughter just looks at her mother and asks "why?" The mother has no answer. End of commercial. That question of "why?" has always been on my mind, too. I've never understood racism. There is no basis for its existence. It's as if, long ago, someone of authority and respect decided he or she (probably a he) didn't like a dark skinned person or persons for some stupid reason, and his followers thought he was right, so they decided to be prejudiced, too. Then they taught their offspring that idea and so on and so on. Sadly, racism is very much alive and well even now in 2010. There may not be separate bathrooms and drinking fountains, but the racist thoughts still exist in many minds throughout the world. However, there are also many who have come to realize just how ridiculous, immature and ignorant prejudice actually is. Those are the only types of people I will associate with so I guess that makes me prejudice against the prejudiced. I can live with that.

3 Your comments?

Happymommy83 said...

I have a two year old son and WHY is the question he is always asking, I can't complain as I used to and actually still ask it for everything, How else would we learn what we have learnt already if no one asked why! I agree with you on the racisim sad as it may be it still exsists, not just white against black but also vice versa, it's such a shame, but I'm with you on this subject. Funny I got to this page because I had a mad moment and typed in "The worst day on earth was.." and It took me to your other page about the world ending I thought it was good and was going to comment and then I ended up here. I like your car by the way! Sorry for the essay,

November 11, 2009 at 6:01 PM
Ed Donnelly said...

Thanks for the comment Abi. Best of luck to you raising a child in this crazy world we live in. Let's pray everything gets better as time goes by.

November 11, 2009 at 7:16 PM
M. Waller said...

There used to be a commercial on tv years ago. And it kind of went like this: The announcer says (and I'm paraphrasing), "There are only two times in some people's lives where color doesn't matter." Then the camera shows a baby being born, then the camera shows a grave yard. I can't add to that.

November 29, 2009 at 2:13 PM