Are you trying to save our planet?

I have to admit that until my wife and I got together, I had never really been concerned with doing any recycling. Sure, as a kid, I collected soda bottles for the five or ten cent deposits, but that had nothing to do with saving our planet. I just wanted to buy a Hostess apple pie or see a movie. Even now, I struggle with the thought of whether or nor it makes any difference. After all, it really takes an effort to recycle. According to my wife, you're supposed to wash the soup cans and jars. You also have to keep like items separate, and unless you take your recyclables to the center often, all these items can really start taking up a lot of space. Remember, it's not just the cans and glass jars. You also have cardboard, newspapers, magazines, and plastic bottles, along with anything else you might think they will accept at the recycling center. My point is, I think many people are still not willing to put the time and effort into recycling. I'm someone who thinks that unless the majority of us are doing this, it just doesn't make that big of a difference on a global scale. On the other hand, it is a perfectly logical thing for all of us to be doing since we will eventually run out of places to put all our garbage. If you're a person who doesn't like to waste things, then you're probably going to feel good about recycling and stick with it for life. If you don't really care where your garbage goes, then hopefully your grand kids won't hold a grudge against you when they run out of room on this planet for the garbage. That's just my middle aged opinion.