Do you have to drive to the gym?

Most of us realize as we get older how important exercise really is. Also, you probably have a preference of either using a public fitness center or your own fitness equipment at home. The obvious advantage to a fitness center is that the equipment they have is often superior to what one would buy for home use unless you have lots of money. In my opinion, that's the only advantage. The only reason I'm able to make a comparison here is because my wife and I live in such a small house there is literally no extra space for a workout room or even a workout area.......yet. We have a large detached garage that could be split to accommodate our own little fitness center, which is what I planning on building as soon as possible. I definitely prefer a home gym for many reasons. First, there's privacy. It's just you in a quiet room maybe listening to some music or watching a TV. Secondly, only you and/or your spouse are handling the equipment. So, you don't necessarily have to wipe down everything after each use. Third, no waiting for equipment to be available. Fourth, no pressure to show off by lifting more than you should. I'm 46, so weight lifting is getting harder and harder. Fifth is temperature. When I'm working out, I prefer the room temperature to be between 65 and 70 degrees. This prevents me from overheating when I'm really pushing myself. Finally, it's so much more convenient to walk into another room or your garage to work out rather than having to make a whole trip to a gym somewhere. That has been the most serious problem for the two of us. The only fitness center in our small town is about a 10 minute drive. No big deal right? What if the temperature outside is only 20 degrees? We live in Vermont, where it is usually very cold for about 6 months each year. So when we get home from work on a cold winters day, start a fire in our wood stove, then have a nice dinner, do you really think we want to get all bundled up to go outside again just to get to the gym, then have to take off layers of clothing, do our workout, then put the layers of clothes back on so we can get home without freezing? We've missed many workouts because of that situation. Am I just making up an excuse? I guess so, but I think it's a pretty good one. Can't wait to have a home gym. That's just my middle aged opinion. Image and video hosting by TinyPic